Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sunday Blog Hop at Planet Weidknecht!

Since the last blog hop I did went SOOOO well and I met such amazing people, I thought I'd give the Planet Weidknecht Blog Hop a shot!

So welcome new followers! I am Nikki and well, this is my blog! I'm just getting started. I'm trying to do a lot of book reviews from all the genres I love: romance, paranormals, children's books, young adult fiction, and even Christian lit. I'm currently working on getting some author interviews and giveaways, including a giveaway after I reach 100 followers!

Come in, introduce yourself, and if you get a chance, follow me on twitter too @greisn1. I'll return any follows (as long as you let me know you followed lol)


Giveaway and a Plea for Tweeps

Hi there!

Omigosh I really can't believe how many followers I now have. Fifty one is an AMAZING number, at least it is when you start at zero! So I think what I want to do is....

Have a 100 follower giveaway!!!!

Obviously, I'm going to need 100 followers first. So help me out! Spread the love!

I'm also putting out a call for you to follow me on twitter. I'm seriously lacking on the twitter front right now. So go to the right side (yes, that's it over there ===>) and follow me on twitter! Let me know who you are and I'll definitely return the favor!

I'm pretty pumped about having you all here with me! So I'm going to work extra hard and you can help out, and one lucky person will win... something... when we get to 100 followers!!